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  1. This review seems to be about how the production isn’t what the reviewer had in his head. Perhaps he should direct his own production (which I’m afraid might be quite boring. In the meantime the soulpepper production is magnificent.

    • Well, sure… I did quite clearly state what I love about Chekov and how this didn’t capture it. I know my perspective is limited. Perfect objectivity is impossible. And I can’t say something moved me if it didn’t. I can, though, hope to articulate my sensibilities and why it didn’t work for me, while also trying to convey what the production is like generally. I think someone who reads my review could decide if it’s for them or not. I mean, someone could read it and think: well, I don’t give a damn about time and place; this sounds innovative and intriguing! Anyway, glad you found it magnificent. That’s the wonder of art, hits everyone differently!

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